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I have ten seasons of hockey broadcasting experience across Canada and Australia. I think I have an ability to naturally understand significant moments in the game, making each second exciting, even if I am not being forceful in tone. I am a good communicator and my passion shines through.

My experience is:
- Play-by-play broadcaster (TV) for Adelaide Adrenaline on AIHL.TV and Kayo.
- One season as the lead play-by-play commentator for the Pacific Hockey League and the Adelaide Avalanche

- One season play-by-play commentator for SBS's national broadcast of the National Hockey Super League (NHSL)
- One season play-by-play commentator for NITV's national broadcasts of the Adelaide Ice Hockey Competition;
- Five seasons radio play-by-play for Adelaide Adrenaline in the Australian Ice Hockey League;
- Two seasons as play-by-play broadcaster for the Carleton Ravens men's and women's hockey teams (U-Sports)

I won a broadcasting award in 2017 for coverage of the Adelaide Adrenaline on 107.9 LifeFM.

Mini Highlights 

From Adelaide vs Central Coast on June 12.

5 Minute Game Call

Curious about what my game call sounds like in flow? Chuck this on for the next five or so minutes. This is a run-of-the-mill flow of action. 


Game shown on National TV

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